Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017


My father

Hello guys! I'm Resti. I will tell you about my story which make me feel grateful. I hope this story make you feel good, and please enjoy it.

When I was in junior high school, I must got a lot of book for study. So, i must went to the bookstore, the location in Bandung but I live in Cimahi. The location of the bookstore is very far from my house and I could not ride the motorcycle. I was panicked because I did not know how to go there. In my house there is only me and my mother, and my mother could not ride the motorcycle too. I cried and I feel not good. And you know it, a few minutes later, my father came to home. And I asked to my father "Dad, are you finished your work?" and my father said "Ya, why?". I thought he was lying, but I have to believe him. So, I asked "Dad, do you have a time for me? I need you" my father said "Of course, what is that?" and I told him about that book which I need for my study. And he agreed, so I and my father went to the bookstore. It took a long time, so I and my father arrived at my home very late. I was very happy and grateful to my father who accompanied me to the bookstore. When I went to my bedroom, I heard my father receive a call from his commander and his commander said that my father had not finished his home work he just take a break at home, so his commander angry to him who take a break at home too long. I saw my father looked sad, so I said sorry to my father. And my father just said "It's okay, you are my daughter.So, I must help you forever." That words made me feel happy and feel grateful. I love him, I will not forget this story until I'm die.

That is my story. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

My New Friend


Situation : In the music concert.

Resti    : "Hello! I am Resti. May I know your name?"
Andini : "Sure, my name is Andini. I am from Bandung. What about you?"
Resti    : "I am from Cimahi and I am a student and you?"
Andini : "I am a student too."
Resti    : "Where do you study?"
Andini : "I study at SMPN 2 Bandung. What about you?"
Resti    : "I study at SMPN 1 Cimahi."
Andini : "I come here with sister. What about you?"
Resti    : "I come here with my boyfriend. Do you like listening Coldplay's song?"
Andini : "Yes, but I like another singer too, like Justin Bieber and One Direction. What about you?"
Resti    : "Hmm..., I just accompany my boyfriend."
Andini : "So, what kind of music do you like?"
Resti    : "I like jazz and classic music."
Andini : "Are you in the VIP too?"
Resti    : "No, I am in the VVIP"
Andini : "Hey! The gate already open. I have to go,see you! Nice to meet you!"
Resti    : "See you! Nice to meet you too!"

Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

All About Me!

  Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Hello! My name is Resti Sapta Octaviani. You can call me Resti. I'm 15 years old. I was born on 7th October 2001. My address at Jl.Rancabentang No.110 RT.02/13,Cimahi. Now I study at  SMAN 3 Bandung. I have long and black hair. I have black eyes. I have dark skin. I use hijab and eyeglasses. I am tall. I am single girl and I hope I have soldier husband.

I love my family. My father's name is Sudaryat. He is policeman. He is tall and clever. He is love science and art. He has black hair and black eyes. He is very kind. He always takes care of me. Now, he is 57 years old. He is my hero and I love him. My mother's name is Kokom Komara. She is housewife. She has black hair and curly hair. She don't like science. She just like math. She is very kind and beauty, but she always angry if I can't do everything she want. Now, she is 51 years old. I love her more than everything.

I have one brother and two sisters. My brother's name is Angga Hendra Saputra. He is handsome and very clever so I always ask help to him about my study. He is banker. My sister's names are Desi Maryana and Tia Puspita. Desi is older than Tia. Desi is banker and Tia is housewife. Now, Desi is 31 years old and Tia is 25 years old. They are very kind and beautiful. I am the youngest in my family.

My hobbies are reading and watching a movie. I always reading everyday, especially detective stories. I like collecting detective book stories,especially Sherlock Holmes. I have all Sherlock Holmes books. And I like watching detective films too. I like everything about detective because detective stories make my brain more intelligent and thinking faster. So, I think detective stories is important for me.

My favorite food is fried chicken. My mother always cooks it everyday. My favorite color is white because I think white is clean.

I have a dream. I want to be a doctor. Why I want to be a doctor? because I think a doctor is a hero for everyone. So, I want to continue my study at UNPAD (Universitas Padjajaran).

I have a best friend. Her name is Fairuz Hasna Afnia. You can call her Una. She is my everything. I am sometimes playing with her every weekend. We always talk about our dreams, our hobbies, our friend, and everything. She is study at SMAN 2 Cimahi. I feel sad when I know her school is different from me. We have the same dreams. We want to be a doctor and we want traveling together. I love her and I will never forget her until I am die.

I don't like animals because I think animals is dirty and they can't do everything with their brain. So, I don't have animals in my house. But, I like flowers, especially a red rose. Why do you like a red rose? Because a red rose is describing a romantic thing.

I like math and science, especially physics. Why? Of course because math and science is describing everything in the world like water, gravity, money, and many others. And I will feel sad if I get bad score for that. I hope I will always get good score.

So, that is all about me. I hope you can enjoy my blog. So, goodbye everyone! Thank you!

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.